All types of quality welders including Mig, Tig, Arc and Spot welders. Also a full range of petrol and diesel welder generators from leading european manufacturers at discount prices.

DIY, and Professional mig welders from leading manufacturers supplied at discount prices. Mig welders from Cebora, SIP, Sureweld and Weldstar mig Welders.
A range of multi purpose welders for welding in mig, mag, tig & mma modes. Ideal for a range of professional welding jobs.
Quality capacitor discharge stud welding welders from Sureweld at discount prices.
Quality portable and static tig welders and inverters at discount prices made by SIP, Sureweld and Cebora. Tig welders for all your tig welding and inverter requirements including MMA, AC/DC.
Quality Portable and Static Arc Welders, from Europe's top manufacturers at discount prices. With SIP, Cebora and Sureweld welders including the Weldmate, Cebora Shunt Wound and Surearc welding ranges.
Quality Portable and Pedestal Spot Welders at discount prices including hand held, automotive, linear decent, rocker arm and balancers for the professional welder.
See information regarding our diverse range of welding helmets.
Portable Turbo welding and brazing kits manufactured by OxyTurbo. Perfect for maintenance and service engineers, farmers, builders and the automotive industry including motorsport enthusiasts
Quality Plasma Cutters at discount prices from SIP, Sureweld and Cebora including the Plasmatec 31k, 41k 34k and 54k inverter based plasmacutter range and Plasmacut air plasma cutting machines.